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Our Story - Old

Here is our far far away story of Bougainvilleas sandals coming from the historical streets of Bodrum, a town of dazzling blue waves, white houses and Bougainvilleas.

A journey of a thousand years begins with a pair of sandals getting its name from these beautiful colored flowers. They gently greet through the first gleams of light giving life to fainted white balconies with the brightest magenta blossoms filling the houses with the fresh smell of the morning. When you look up the blue sky you see the smooth transition to the sea to start a new day and you wake up to the life. Inspired by all these feelings we introduce you a combination of Bougainvilleas with traditional sandals under which lies the original color of these flowers, magenta. All are fine genuine leather sandals handmade by the talented craftsmen of Bodrum. When you wear these authentic sandals, just close your eyes for a moment, first step inside and feel the gleam of light which flashes this brief story across your mind, then step outside and live your magenta days. This sparkling fabulous color of Bougainvilleas will always be giving you the energy of life emanating from Bodrum. 

We believe that you need this fresh start in this modern age. Our goal is to bring you these high quality leather sandals which lay a nice story under your feet to step more and feel comfortable with timeless aestheticism.

Change your shoes, transform your body language and be filled in a meaningful way from head to toe. Let your dreams bloom under your feet with Bougainvilleas and let us take you to the best places, far far away from where ever you are...